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Securing Your Payment-Enabled Forms

When you're building a form that accepts payments, it's crucial to make it as secure as possible. Follow these tips below to secure your payment-enabled forms.

1. Never Collect Credit Card Numbers Manually

This is the most important part to secure your forms. You should NEVER collect credit card details directly using Single Line Text, Number, Paragraph, or any other fields.

Instead, use the payment integration feature as explained in Accepting Online Payments on Your Forms.

This way, credit card data won't be stored on your MachForm, which is good. In the case of any security breach with your server, no credit card data will be compromised.

2. Install SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate is a must-have for a form that accepts payments. To secure the transmission of the credit card data submitted by your clients, you'll need to provide access to your forms using HTTPS.

To do this, you'll need to install an SSL certificate on your site.

Contact your website hosting provider to get further assistance with the installation of an SSL certificate on your site.

If you're using MachForm Cloud, your account already comes with an SSL certificate, and you can ignore this step.

3. Use Secure/HTTPS Embed Code

Once you have the SSL certificate installed, login to your MachForm and go to the Settings page. Click advanced options and then adjust the MachForm URL to use https.

This way, your MachForm will generate new form codes using the secure (https) path.

If you previously embedded the form using the javascript or iframe code on your site, replace them all with the new form code that uses the https path.

If you're using MachForm Cloud, your account already comes with secure/HTTPS embed code, and you can ignore this step.


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