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How to Group Forms Using Filters

Once you've created lot of forms, managing your forms could be quite tricky job. Particularly when you have many forms with similar titles and you need to find one specific form.

Fortunately, MachForm now lets you categorize your forms easily using tag names and filter. Sound difficult? No, seriously, it's very easy and it's even more powerful than grouping your forms using folders.


Add tag name to your forms

The first thing you need to do to organize your forms is to assign tag names. Assign specific tag names to each of your form, based on their categories or functionalities or anything you feel easy to recognize (e.g. order forms, signup forms, etc)

There is no specific requirements for the tag names, just use any name you prefer, but simple and short tag names are better.

To add tag name to your form, click the tag icon on the right side of your form title bar.

Type your tag name and use commas if you would like to enter multiple tag names at once.

Once you've added tag names to your forms, each of your form should have its own tag name, such as below:

Create filters

Now that you've added tag names to your forms, here's the fun part. Do a search on your forms based on the tag name.

Click the search box on the top left corner of your form manager and then click the "form tags" tab.

Type one of your tag name there (e.g. order forms) and all your forms having the tag name you entered will be displayed.

On the right side of the search results, click the save filter link to save your search result and enter a name for your filter.

The filter name could be anything you like but you might want too keep it the same or similar as your tag name, so that you could identify it easily.

Repeat this process until each tag name is having its own associated filter. Once you've completed this process, your filters are ready to use.

Using the filter

To use the filter you've created, simply click the filter list icon on the top right corner of your form manager page and then select the filter name.

The forms matched with the filter you've selected will be displayed. Congratulations! You've managed to organize your forms in a good way :-)

The selected filter will always active, even when you navigate away from the form manager page or logging out from your MachForm. The only exception is when you've just created a new form, MachForm will clear the filter and you'll need to select it again (only need to select the filter, not creating it from start).

You can create as many filters as you need. As you become more familiar with this functionality, you'll realize that you can also use the form title as the base of the filter. You can add multiple tag names to a single form and load the form using multiple filters as well.

Also, filters are user specific and not global setting. So let say your MachForm have 5 admin users, each user can create its own filter using the same set of forms.

Clearing the filter

To clear the filter, click the filter list icon and select Clear Filter

Clearing the filter will un-select the active filter and it won't delete any of your filter.

Deleting a filter

To delete a filter, you'll need to select the filter first and then click the Delete Current Filter from the filter menu icon.


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