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Generate the Google Client ID and Client Secret for MachForm Self-Hosted

This article is only applicable for MachForm Self-Hosted. If you're using MachForm Cloud, you can skip this.

To integrate Google Sheets with your forms, you’ll need to create your Google Client ID and Client Secret and save it within your MachForm settings page.

This setup is only needed once and should be completed by the main administrator of your MachForm account. It’s quite lengthy steps, unfortunately, but Google requires this, so a bit of patience is required :-)

This setup only needed for MachForm Self-Hosted. If you’re using MachForm Cloud, you don’t need to do any of this setup, since we’ve done it from our side.

Here are step-by-step instructions to create your Google Client ID and Client Secret:

1. Login to your Google account and go to the Google API Console page.

2. Click the Projects menu on the top and then click the New Project button

3. Give your project a name (any name is fine)

4. Once you’ve created your project, make sure to select your project and click Enable APIs and Services.

5. Search for Google Sheets API and click on the result.

6. Click the Enable button

7. Select Credentials under the API Console dashboard page and then click OAuth consent screen tab. Fill in the details on the form. Make sure to fill the Product Name (any name is fine).

8. On your Credentials page, click the Create credentials button and select OAuth client ID

9. Select Web Application for the application type.

Enter your application name (any name is fine) and fill the Authorized Redirect URIs with the URL provided from your MachForm.

The URL should be something like:

You can leave the Authorized JavaScript origins empty. Click the Create button.

It's very important to fill in the Authorized redirect URIs with the exact URL provided from your MachForm page. Otherwise the integration won't work.

10. On the page that appears, copy the Client ID and Client Secret to your clipboard.

11. Login to your MachForm Panel, go to Settings page and click advanced options under Miscellaneous Settings.

Then paste your Client ID and Client Secret.

Save the Settings page and you've successfully completed the setup!


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